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Public Adjuster Marketing

Free Webinar on Public Adjuster Marketing…

Shortcut to Scale™

How to Get 5 New Clients In 4 Weeks

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This 20 minute webinar on public adjuster marketing will show you the latest marketing tecniques to capture leads online on virtually autopilot.

In Just 25 Minutes You Will Learn:

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How to Find Your Ideal Client Online.

I’m going to reveal the extremely effective process we use to identify your ideal client that needs your help, at the ideal time.

Secret #2

How To Charge What You Want…and Deserve!

Charging more doesn’t mean ripping people off, it means providing more value. I’ll show you how to command the price you want, and deserve.

Secret #3

How To Always Have a Full Pipeline of Leads, Effortlessly. 

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to rely on unpredictable referrals? I’ll show you how to have a full pipeline of fantastic leads always ready to work with you.


Mike Volkin is renown marketing coach and successful business executive. He is one of the most sought-after marketing consultants on the planet.

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert with over a dozen years of experience starting, growing and selling businesses. In addition to writing 5 books (one best-seller) and building and selling 4 companies of his own; Mr. Volkin has a tremendous track record of driving qualified leads to service providers.

In October 2017, Mike’s house burned down in the Tubbs fire of Santa Rosa California. It was then he realized the importance of public adjusters helping homeowners with their insurance claims. From that point on, Mike has dedicated much of his time helping public adjusters reach consumers via internet marketing

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