What is a Fractional CMO

What is a Fractional CMO2017-09-28T12:30:54-07:00

Retaining a Fractional CMO allows you to get a seasoned professional marketer with strategic growth experience involved in your company without having to incur the cost of a full-time executive marketer. A Fractional CMO can help with customer acquisition, marketing funnel development, and strategy of numerous marketing campaigns.

The Problem:

Fractional CMO’s typically charge over $300/hour. Because of this high fee, many businesses can’t reap the rewards of what a fractional CMO can truly do.

The Solution:

Mike Volkin’s revolutionary flat-rate fractional CMO service allows any sized business to have a seasoned strategic growth marketer at your fingertips to strategize and guide the company to meet revenue goals, save money and hire more effectively.

Monthly plans start as low as $650/month. Use the contact form below to ask about details.